Baby Massage

Although infant massaging has been a tradition in many cultures and for many centuries, it is fairly new in South Africa and other western countries. There is truly no substitute for learning to massage your baby with the benefits including improvement of blood circulation and digestion, better sleep patterns, reduction of colic and above of all, it supports the bonding process. Read more

The Garden Genie

I am an enthusiastic gardener and proud of it. I truly love being outside making sure the plants I tend thrive and give pleasure. Throughout my life I watched and learnt from my Mother - she was an exceptional gardener. I can create an indigenous garden for you and you'll notice bird and insect life increasing while the visual pleasure is very satisfying. Read more

The Office Genie

Allow me to assist you with daily admin tasks that threaten to clutter your life, even if it’s sitting down and replying to backlogged emails and letters; sorting out filing; following up on payments (and non-payments); issuing invoices or statements; opening mail; or making travel arrangements for your business trip or much-needed holiday. Read more

The Creative Genie

Tired of looking at your plain black bin? I can paint your bin with cheerful designs, your company logo or just about anything you want! Not only will your bin be instantly recognisable, you'll be the envy of your neighbours. Stark vibracrete wall causing you to squint in the sunlight? A hand-painted mural will soon fix that! Read more

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